Cable Laid GrommetSpecials


Terms of Reference for the above hand made grommets are from: BS EN 13414-3 (2003) steel rope/grommet and cable laid slings. PM 20 Health and Safety guidance note cable laid sling grommets.

The definition of an endless cable laid grommet is the manufacture of a continuous length of wire rope with a steel core formed to make a body composed of six outer ropes around a core. The rope ends are tucked into the body forming the core with the tuck position opposite to the core butt position. The final resulting sling is an endless wire rope sling with no visible join. The length of grommet circumference shall be at least five times the grommet lay length, the core butt position shall be clearly marked red. At this point the grommet should never be loaded or bent. This variation of slings has many merits, i.e. the capability of sling is very flexible and easier to sling and has the opportunity to lift loads in excess of mechanical splicing methods.

The relative point while calculating correct diameter of rope is the size pf the pin/ing or master link that the grommet is being utilised with. The minimum requirement to achieve valid safe working load must exceed ‘4 d’ or a formula must be incorporated to ascertain SWL ratio on a sliding scale.


  • Talurited slings (aluminium or steel ferrules) up to 35 tonne capacity.
  • Hand splicing (long or short).
  • Cable laid grommet slings/Hawser lay up to 250 tonne capacity.
  • Flemish eye slings.
  • Wire rope ladders.
  • Socketing (white metal),
  • Flat woven slings.
  • Nylon safety lanyards.
  • Special configuration webbing slings.
  • Chain slings.
  • Fibre rope slings (polypropylene/nylon/sisal).
  • On site inspection.

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